The Art of Wonder

A Brown University/Rhode Island School of Design Dual-Degree student (BRDD, 2017), artist, writer, urbanist, and explorer of the world dedicated to finding Wondrous things. Art, design, science, literature and the connections between them. For my original artwork see

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Jul 18

I Love Maps

I have come to the realization that I love maps and want to be involved somehow in their creation. If there are any cartographers or geographic information systems professionals out there or artists or designers working in the realm of cartography or with cartographic imagery, I’d really love to hear about your education and practice. Please send me a message if you are part of the mapping world in any capacity. Many thanks. 

Apr 11

Jerry’s Map

Jerry’s Map, a hand-drawn universe meticulously constructed but also organically driven by a game of chance, is wondrous.  It is an imaginary space allowed to take on a life of its own. This is full obsession, immersion, and evolution at its finest.

Watch this short film to see the method and philosophy behind this incredible work. 

Jun 28


ORE - Google Earth“ is a Flickr set by Ling Meng. The designs begin with Google Earth terrain shots, but they become something far more elegant and beautiful.