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Jul 2


Takayuki Hori - Oritsunagumono (Things Folded and Connected), 2011

“A collection of Origami works created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a variety of species native to Japan’s coastal waterways.

Each translucent sheet is printed with images either of fragments of an animal’s skeleton or of discarded objects that are often ingested by the animals. 

Using the ancient tradition of folded paper, Hori assembles the pages into 3D models. Once the paper has been folded, the printed components are united as a whole, telling the visual story of the animal’s plight of survival in an increasingly polluted and hazardous ecosystem.”

(via stunninglyy)

Jun 27


ARTIST RADAR: Lola Guerrera

‘Delights in my Garden’: official site

There is something so fresh and free about this series by Spanish photographer Lola Guerrera. Each single element of paper origami must have taken a fair amount of precision, time and effort to get right … then of course there’s the construction of the installation itself. I really appreciate works where you can clearly see the artist’s vision and the work behind the final outcome. I love the movement created in the compositional flow of the paper structures, despite it being obvious that they are static in the landscape.